Simon Seeber

WA FuelHunter

FuelHunter on an iPhone

FuelWatch is a fuel price monitoring service provided by the Western Australian Government

It provides daily updates on fuel prices in most areas of Western Australia. The data is available in a variety of forms, including a JSON API.


wireframe 01

Since this was my first foray into mobile app design, the early stages of the design process for FuelHunter are poorly documented. The original sketches for the app were done on a mirror and didn’t photograph well.

We identified three ways a user might want to find the best fuel prices; closest to their current location, closest to previously saved locations (e.g. home or work), search for a specific suburb.

Users may also want to set specific search parameters provided by FuelWatch such as type of fuel and brand of fuel.

The original design used a tab bar interface, however I decided all the ways of finding fuel should be available from the home screen. Other search parameters can be specified on the settings screen.