Simon Seeber

Golden Delicious

Screenshot of Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious is a Safari extension that gives you quick access to your bookmarks saved on delicious.com.

You can see recently saved bookmarks and search all saved bookmarks for any text or tag without opening another window.


The extension does only one function: display the results of a search. The search is either a default search showing fifteen of the most recent bookmarks, or a search initiated by the user.


The extension consists of one screen, a popover provided by Safari. The contents are a list of search results. A field is included at the top to make it easy to search for a particular keyword.

Tags for each bookmark are displayed and clickable allowing users to easily find related bookmarks.

The initial design included paging for long result lists, however it is much easier for a user to continue scrolling through a long list than to risk miss clicking and closing the extension.


I created an icon to be displayed in the sidebar list of the extensions panel in Safari’s preferences.