Simon Seeber

Sudoku Touch


Sudoku Touch started out as a design exercise. The brief was to create a Sudoku game for iPad using handwriting recognition as the input method.

Essentially, it was a way to explore how handwriting recognition could be used on a touch screen device. The solution I designed is so elegant we decided to make the game anyway, and so Sudoku Touch came to be.



A Sudoku game is fairly simple and contained within a 9 × 9 grid, so doesn’t require a lot of screens. I included a difficulty select menu, a game screen, pause and options menu and an end game screen. Many Sudoku players also like to create notes in each square for possible answers.

Players simply want to select a difficulty level to suit their tastes and start playing. Some options are required; every game is expected to be able to be paused and players who are less competitive will want to be able to disable the timer clock. Novice players also like to be shown when they've entered an incorrect answer.